Cover for Who is Surfing Who: Adam Linder
Hammer Museum
Who is Surfing Who: Adam Linder
This monograph surveys the work of the Los Angeles-based choreographer and dancer Adam Linder, whose nuanced and highly evocative work offers a critical reflection on the nature of live performance and the role of dance within museums.
By Aram Moshayedi, with contributions by Kirsty Bell, Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer, Adam Linder, and Henrik Olesen
Designed by Chad Kloepfer
Published 2018 | ISBN: 9783791357904

Every two years, on the occasion of the Made in L.A. biennial, the Hammer Museum honors artistic excellence by administering the Mohn Award to an artist whose presentation of work in the exhibition is exceptional. The 2016 winner was choreographer Adam Linder, whose performance and accompanying installation, “Kein Paradiso,” premiered at the Hammer. This elegant monograph focuses on the stage works that Linder has produced to date. Starting with “Ma Ma Ma Materials” (2012) and concluding with “Kein Paradiso,” the book presents five of Linder’s stage works and includes photographs, printed ephemera, costumes, and excerpts of original scripts authored by Linder. In addition, the book features contextual essays written by an array of artists, curators, and choreographers