Cover for Tomashi Jackson: The Land Claim
Parrish Art Museum
Tomashi Jackson: The Land Claim
"Jackson’s paintings synthesize connections shared by local residents of color around experiences of transportation, housing, agriculture and labor." –New York Times
Edited by Corinne Erni, Tomashi Jackson, K. Anthony Jones, Martha Schnee, Lauren Ruiz. Foreword by Kelly Taxter. Introduction by Tomashi Jackson. Text by Corinne Erni, Eric N. Mack
Designed by Eileen Boxer
Published 2022 | ISBN: 9781636810331

The first monograph on Tomashi Jackson (born 1980), The Land Claim illustrates the Cambridge- and New York–based artist’s unique work and research methodology that focuses on the historic and contemporary lived experiences of Indigenous, Black and Latinx families on the East End of Long Island, and how the role of women, the meaning of labor and the sacredness of land link these communities. Jackson’s intricately layered and boldly composed large-scale paintings are featured alongside transcribed interviews and archival images from her research. Jackson provokes an urgent discourse around historical narratives of labor, collective memory, educational access, transportation and land rights experienced by communities of color.