Cover for The Holiday Train Show: The New York Botanical Garden
The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG)
The Holiday Train Show: The New York Botanical Garden
This engaging book provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the seasonal magic of The New York Botanical Garden’s annual Holiday Train Show.
Edited by Joanna L. Groarke, with contributions by Paul Busse and Karen Daubmann
Designed by Mark Melnick
Published 2016 | ISBN: 9783791355931

The New York Botanical Garden is the magical setting of one of the city’s most celebrated winter traditions: The Holiday Train Show. This must-see exhibition features dozens of locomotives, freight trains, and trolleys zipping through a whimsical landscape populated by more than 150 models of beloved city landmarks, composed entirely of leaves, twigs, seeds, pinecones, and other plant parts. Together with his team at Applied Imagination, Paul Busse and the horticulturists at The New York Botanical Garden create a fanciful tribute to the beauty of New York’s iconic architecture, using natural materials and unbridled imagination. Behind-the-scenes photographs reveal the process of bringing the exhibition to life, and detailed views of each building reveal the artistry and ingenuity that goes into each architectural element. Essays explore the engineering of the tracks and bridges as well as notable featured trains. Dazzling full-page views of the entire spectacle make the experience come alive for readers. Train enthusiasts, architecture buffs, and avid gardeners alike will revel in the detail and beauty of this quintessential New York tradition.