Cover for McArthur Binion: DNA
Lehmann Maupin and Massimo De Carlo
McArthur Binion: DNA
Discover McArthur Binion’s DNA series, which forms a cornerstone of the artist’s critical investigations of abstraction and collage over the course his more than 40-year career.
Edited and text by Diana Nawi, with contributions by Grace Deveney, Michael Stone Richards and an interview by Franklin Sirmans
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Published 2021 | ISBN: 9781942884828

Chicago-based painter McArthur Binion (born 1946) combines collage, drawing and painting to create autobiographical abstractions. He paints minimalist grids and patterns over copies of his personal documents and photographs, including pages from his handwritten address book and his birth certificate, as well as images of his childhood home and photographs of his hands. This book explores Binion’s DNA series and includes reproductions of more than 80 of his paintings and works on paper, as well as essays investigating this series through the lens of art history, labor, music and writing.

Offering in-depth formal analysis and contextualizing his trajectory within the interdisciplinary cultural scenes of New York and Chicago, McArthur Binion: DNA provides insight into the rigorous and experimental spirit that has defined the artist’s larger practice and illuminates his place within a critical history of abstraction in the 20th and 21st centuries.