Cover for Llyn Foulkes
Hammer Museum
Llyn Foulkes
This exhibition catalog accompanies the first comprehensive retrospective of the Los Angeles-based multimedia painter.
By Ali Subotnick, with contributions by Jim Lewis and Jason Weiss
Designed by Conny Purtill, Purtill Family Business
Published 2013 | ISBN: 9783791352749

Throughout his career, Llyn Foulkes has been working on the fringes of the art establishment, rebelling against commercialism, innovating new techniques of painting, and amassing a hugely diverse body of work. An extensive exploration of his career by curator Ali Subotnick helps readers appreciate the more than 130 works included in this monograph. Foulkes’s paintings of America’s rocky landscapes and postcard imagery; his enormous tableaux that combine painting with woodworking, found materials, and thick mounds of modeling paste; his provocative Bloody Head portraits; and his social commentary paintings targeting corporate America (especially Disney) are all featured in the book. Also included are essays that focus on Foulkes’s obsession with the American landscape, corporate culture, and music as well as his frequent self-portraits.