Cover for Lifes
Hammer Museum
An anthology on the interdisciplinary and the collaborative toward a total work of art.
Edited with text by Aram Moshayedi. Foreword by Ann Philbin. Text by Fahim Amir, Asher Hartman, Shannon Jackson, Rindon Johnson, Adania Shibli, Greg Tate
Designed by Tiffany Malakooti
Published 2022 | ISBN: 9781636810478

This volume anthologizes the textual contributions from the Hammer exhibition titled Lifes. These texts formed the starting point from which choreographers and composers, theater directors and dramaturgs, and performance, video and installation artists contributed to the overall project. The publication documents the exhibition’s fostering of interdisciplinary conversation toward a “total work of art.”

In addition to scholarly contextual essays by Shannon Jackson, Aram Moshayedi and Greg Tate, the book includes texts commissioned for the exhibition and publication by philosopher and ecologist Fahim Amir; writer and director Asher Hartman; artist and poet Rindon Johnson; and novelist and poet Adania Shibli. An oral history compiled and edited by Nicholas Barlow documents the many conversations among contributors; and illustrations by artist Olivia Mole are interspersed throughout.