Cover for Groundswell: Women of Land Art
Nasher Sculpture Center
Groundswell: Women of Land Art
A bold reappraisal of Land art through the pioneering work of 12 women sculptors.
Edited with text by Leigh A. Arnold. Text by Scout Hutchinson, Jana La Brasca, Anna Lovatt, Jenni Sorkin, Anne Thompson
Designed by Miko McGinty and Rita Jules, Miko McGinty, Inc.
Published 2023 | ISBN: 9781636811109

Using materials such as earth, wind, water, fire, wood, salt, rocks, mirrors and explosives, American artists of the 1960s began to move beyond the white cube gallery space to work directly in the land. With ties to Minimal and Conceptual art, these artists placed less emphasis on the discrete object and turned their attention to the experience of the artwork—however fleeting or permanent that might be—foregrounding natural materials and the site itself to create large-scale works located outside of typical urban art-world circuits.

Histories of Land art have long been dominated by men, but Groundswell: Women of Land Art shifts that focus to shed new light on the vast number of earthworks by women artists. While their careers ran parallel to those of their better-known male counterparts, they have received less recognition and representation in museum presentations—until now.

This book includes five scholarly essays, as well as a detailed chronology, exhibition checklist and illustrated biographies of exhibition artists. Groundswellis a resource for readers interested in understanding the historical Land art movement and our own relationship to the earth.

Artists include: Lita Albuquerque, Alice Aycock, Beverly Buchanan, Agnes Denes, Maren Hassinger, Nancy Holt, Patricia Johanson, Ana Mendieta, Mary Miss, Jody Pinto, Michelle Stuart and Meg Webster.