Cover for Fire Figure Fantasy: Selections from ICA Miami’s Collection
Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami (ICA Miami)
Fire Figure Fantasy: Selections from ICA Miami’s Collection
A thematic introduction to the thriving Miami museum’s permanent collection.
Edited by Alex Gartenfeld, Gean Moreno, Stephanie Seidel, Amanda Morgan. Round tables with Mandy El-Sayegh, Dominique Fung, Sasha Gordon, Anna Park, Jiab Prachakul, Donna Honarpisheh; Cristine Brache, Bernadette Despujols, Adler Guerrier, Reginald O’Neal, Gean Moreno
Designed by Mark Owens
Published 2023 | ISBN: 9781636810836

Since its founding in 2014, ICA Miami has established itself as a singular voice in artistic stewardship with a collection that champions leading emerging and established artists. Fire Figure Fantasyrevolves around important focal points of ICA Miami’s collection. Artists working in a wide range of mediums, including McArthur Binion, Lauren Halsey, Rashid Johnson and Martine Syms, draw on conceptualist strategies to critically explore structures that perpetuate injustice. In works by Andra Ursuta, Louise Bonnet, Christina Quarles and Avery Singer, themes of identity, community, and technology are drawn out through explorations of the body, materiality and form. Works by Vivian Caccuri, Tau Lewis, Vaughn Spann and Henry Taylor contend with some of the most pressing issues of our time, while works by Hernan Bas, Tomm El-Saieh and Jared McGriff, among others, reflect the artistic production of Miami artists that the museum has long championed.