Cover for David Smith: Cubes and Anarchy
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
David Smith: Cubes and Anarchy
This intriguing new look at the work of David Smith reveals how art and personal history shaped the work of one of America’s foremost artists.
By Carol S. Eliel, with contributions by Christopher Bedford, Alex Potts, and Anne M. Wagner
Designed by Paul Wehby
Published 2011 | ISBN: 9783791351216

Heralded as one of the greatest American sculptors of the twentieth century, David Smith nonetheless identified himself as a member of the working class. A contemporary of Gorky, de Kooning, and Pollock in the Germany art world, Smith worked as a welder before and during World War II and retained his union membership thereafter. How Smith meshed these two disparate worlds is the subject of this unique examination that focuses specifically on the geometric features of Smith’s work, including his renowned Cubi series. Published in conjunction with an exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the book considers geometry in Smith’s sculpture as both a formal and thematic construct. Essays by leading curators and scholars explore the relationship between Smith’s lifelong interest in the utopian optimism of the avant-garde and his own artistic identity. The book includes illustrations of more than fifty sculptures, along with drawings, paintings, and vintage photographs by the artist.