Cover for Behind the Privets: Classic Hamptons Houses
The East Hampton Historical Society
Behind the Privets: Classic Hamptons Houses
Classic and timeless, these exclusive homes recall the simple glamor of vintage Hamptons design.
By Stanley Rumbough and Richard Barons, with contributions by Alec Baldwin and David Netto
Designed by Miko McGinty and Claire Bidwell
Published 2019 | ISBN: 9783791357614

For every lavish, state-of-the-art, over-the-top home under construction in the Hamptons, there is an equally compelling, culturally significant home that has been restored and maintained its original designs. This fascinating glimpse inside these classic homes aims to capture the illustrious architecture and design of the Hamptons historic houses. Accompanied by architectural photographer Stanley Rumbough and Hamptons historian Richard Barons, readers are invited “over the privet hedges” of dozens of homes that offer clues to the Hamptons’ storied past. From quaint, 18th-century cottages to the Sister Parrish-style decor of Hamptons legend Dina Merrill, the houses profiled here boast historical significance and impeccable style. Heartfelt contributions from Hamptons icons David Netto and Alec Baldwin recall a time before million-dollar homes dominated the area’s pristine beaches and lovely lanes.