Cover for Beatriz González: A Retrospective
Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)
Beatriz González: A Retrospective
Explore the full range of the pioneering work of Colombian artist Beatriz González.
By Tobias Ostrander, with contributions by Carmen Ramírez, Gonzalo Sanchez, Carolina Ponce de Leon
Designed by Beverly Joel, pulp, ink.
Published 2019 | ISBN: 9783791359298

At 80, Beatriz González is not only an internationally celebrated Colombian artist, but also a representative of the “radical women” generation from Latin America. Her work spans over six decades and her groundbreaking art has distinct figuration, involving the flattening of forms and use of strong and eccentric color palettes evocative of commercial advertising. Her work often has imagery associated with Western art history as well as mass media common to Colombia in order to shed light on the middleclass notions of taste, class, gender, and ethnicity. This book includes essays that explore González’s early work, her late and current work, and her use of photography and archival images. It contextualizes her practice within Colombian history and major events that influenced her work. Filled with illustrations, this book shows the breadth of Beatriz González’s oeuvre, which comments on domestic environments and vernacular traditions of her country with self-conscious irony.