Cover for Ann Hamilton: habitus
The Fabric Workshop and Museum
Ann Hamilton: habitus
Artist Ann Hamilton’s celebrated, multi-venue installation is brought to the page in this striking volume that explores another facet of her work in textile and text.
By Patricia C. Phillips, with contributions by Susan Lubowsky Talbott
Designed by Takaaki Matsumoto, Matsumoto Incorporated Inc.

2017 AIGA 50 Books|50 Covers, winner

Published 2017 | ISBN: 9783791357096

“Held by cloth’s hand, we are swaddled at birth, covered in sleep, and wound in death,” muses artist Ann Hamilton. Rather than documenting the experience of her enormous immersive 2016–17 installation in Philadelphia, Hamilton offers here a document—one that is as much a part of the project as its three dimensional counterparts. Lush photography, archival imagery, and lucid prose come together to help readers understand Hamilton’s ideas about the fabric of and in our lives. Like a thread through cloth, these individual images and words weave together strands of history, technology, poetry, and motion into one extraordinary and compelling experience.