Cover for Amy Sillman: One Lump or Two
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston (ICA)
Amy Sillman: One Lump or Two
Accompanying a major museum retrospective of the acclaimed American painter, this book traces Amy Sillman’s diverse body of work that includes drawings, cartoons, paintings, and animated videos produced on an iPhone.
By Helen Molesworth, with contributions by Thomas Eggerer, Ewa Lajer-Burcharth, Daniel Marcus, and Helen Molesworth
Designed by Joseph Logan
Published 2013 | ISBN: 9783791353074

From her early small-scale cartoon figures to her later enormous abstract paintings, Amy Sillman’s artistic vision shines through in this beautiful volume that covers the period from 1995 to the present. Filled with drawings, paintings, and ’zines, as well as stills from the artist’s recent forays into animated films, the book traces the development of Sillman’s work from her early use of cartoon figures and a vivacious palette through her exploration of the diagrammatic line, the history of Abstract Expressionism, and a growing concern with the bodily and erotic dimensions of paint. This book also examines the importance of drawing in Sillman’s practice as well as the intensity with which she has embraced the dichotomy between figuration and abstraction. It celebrates her raw emotion, curiosity, erotic power, and humor.