Cover for A.Bandit: A Secret Has Two Faces
A.Bandit: A Secret Has Two Faces
This multifaceted book is the latest collaboration between Glenn Kaino and Derek DelGaudio, who work together as the conceptual performance art duo A.Bandit to make magical art.
By Glenn Kaino and Derek Delgaudio, with contributions by David Blaine and Tony Delap
Designed by Tracey Shiffman and James Ihira, Shiffman & Kohnke, with Jonny Woods, Glenn Kaino Studio
Published 2018 | ISBN: 9783791355641

A.Bandit is an experimental performance art group started by conceptual artist Glenn Kaino and magician Derek DelGaudio. Together they have exhibited and performed their work in venues that span a diverse range of cultural activities. The book introduces their pioneering work in the fields of art and magic, along with interviews and stories from noteworthy practitioners from both fields. It will be a generous access point into the normally secret practice from which A.Bandit operates. The book itself will contain several secret elements and magical features that will distinguish it as a type of performance in and of itself.